Goku Black Rose vs Goku Ultra Instinct who would win?

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In the Dragon Ball universe, Goku Black Rose and Goku Ultra Instinct are two incredibly powerful beings with distinct abilities that could alter reality. This article will examine the powers of Goku Black Rose and Goku Ultra Instinct, compare their strengths and weaknesses, and speculate on the outcome of a battle who would win?

Goku Black Rose's Abilities, Skills, and Powers

Goku Black Rose vs Goku Ultra Instinct

Goku Black Rose is a formidable being, possessing a unique blend of Goku's physical prowess and the divine powers of a Kai. This fusion has granted him an array of extraordinary abilities that make him a formidable adversary.

Superhuman Strength

Goku Black Rose's strength is truly exceptional, allowing him to effortlessly overpower even the most powerful forms of Goku, such as Super Saiyan 3. His physical might is so great that he can easily crush his opponents with little effort, making him a true juggernaut on the battlefield.

Feat of Strength Description
Overpowering Super Saiyan 3 Goku Goku Black Rose was able to easily dominate and outclass Super Saiyan 3 Goku, showcasing his immense physical prowess.
Destroying Planets With his sheer strength, Goku Black Rose has demonstrated the ability to destroy entire planets with ease, making him a threat on a galactic scale.
Shattering Barriers Goku Black Rose's strength is so great that he can shatter even the most durable barriers and defenses with a single strike, rendering them useless against his onslaught.

Superhuman Speed

In addition to his incredible strength, Goku Black Rose possesses lightning-fast reflexes and the ability to move at blinding speeds. He can easily keep up with even the fastest opponents, making him a formidable foe in close-quarters combat.

  • Goku Black Rose can cover vast distances in the blink of an eye, allowing him to outmaneuver his opponents and strike from unexpected angles.
  • His speed allows him to dodge and evade even the most precise and powerful attacks, making him a slippery and elusive target.
  • Goku Black Rose's speed, combined with his strength, makes him a deadly force, as he can unleash devastating strikes before his opponents can even react.

Superhuman Durability

Goku Black Rose's body is highly resilient, capable of withstanding even the most powerful attacks without sustaining significant damage. This durability is a testament to his divine nature and the fusion with Goku's Saiyan physiology.

  • Goku Black Rose has demonstrated the ability to shrug off attacks that would cripple or severely injure most other combatants, making him a formidable tank on the battlefield.
  • His regenerative abilities, coupled with his durability, allow him to quickly recover from even the most devastating blows, making him a challenging opponent to put down.
  • Goku Black Rose's resilience extends to his ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as intense heat, cold, or vacuum of space, further enhancing his survivability.

Flight and Ki Manipulation

Goku Black Rose's mastery of ki manipulation is truly impressive, granting him the ability to fly at incredible speeds and unleash devastating energy attacks.

  • Goku Black Rose can effortlessly soar through the air, allowing him to quickly traverse battlefields and engage opponents from unexpected angles.
  • His control over ki enables him to fire powerful energy blasts, create defensive barriers, and even teleport short distances, making him a versatile and unpredictable foe.
  • Goku Black Rose can also utilize his ki to amplify the power of his physical strikes, further enhancing the devastating impact of his attacks.

Time Ring

One of Goku Black Rose's most unique abilities is his possession of a Time Ring, a powerful artifact that grants him the ability to travel through time and create alternate timelines.

  • With the Time Ring, Goku Black Rose can manipulate the flow of time, allowing him to observe and influence past, present, and future events to his advantage.
  • This temporal manipulation gives Goku Black Rose a significant strategic advantage, as he can anticipate his opponent's moves and plan accordingly.
  • The Time Ring also enables Goku Black Rose to create divergent timelines, introducing new challenges and complications for his opponents to overcome.

Super Saiyan Rosé Transformation

Goku Black Rose can harness the power of the Super Saiyan transformation, but with a unique twist. His transformation is known as Super Saiyan Rosé, which grants him a significant boost in power, speed, and ki manipulation abilities.

  • In his Super Saiyan Rosé form, Goku Black Rose's physical attributes are enhanced to even greater heights, making him an even more formidable opponent.
  • The Rosé transformation also imbues Goku Black Rose with a distinct pink hue, further reinforcing his divine and otherworldly nature.
  • This transformation allows Goku Black Rose to tap into the full extent of his power, unleashing devastating attacks and techniques that can overwhelm even the strongest of foes.

Goku Ultra Instinct's Abilities, Skills, and Powers

Goku's journey has been one of relentless self-improvement, and his mastery of the elusive Ultra Instinct technique has elevated him to a level of power that few can comprehend.

Mastery of Ultra Instinct

The pinnacle of Goku's martial arts prowess, Ultra Instinct is a transcendent state that allows him to move and react on a level that transcends the limitations of the physical realm.

  • In this state, Goku's body instinctively reacts and moves without the need for conscious thought, allowing him to anticipate and counter even the most unpredictable attacks.
  • Ultra Instinct grants Goku a heightened awareness of his surroundings, enabling him to predict the movements of his opponents and respond accordingly.
  • This technique enhances Goku's reflexes and reaction time to such a degree that he can effortlessly dodge and evade even the fastest and most precise attacks.

Superhuman Strength and Speed

Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct has not only honed his reflexes but has also greatly amplified his physical abilities.

  • In his Ultra Instinct state, Goku's strength is elevated to unprecedented levels, allowing him to overpower even the most powerful opponents with ease.
  • His speed also becomes lightning-fast, enabling him to move and strike with such rapidity that he appears to be teleporting rather than simply running.
  • The combination of Goku's immense strength and blinding speed makes him a formidable close-quarters combatant, capable of overwhelming his foes with a flurry of devastating attacks.

Heightened Senses and Perception

Ultra Instinct grants Goku a level of sensory awareness that transcends the limits of normal perception.

  • Goku's senses become hyper-attuned, allowing him to detect even the slightest changes in his surroundings and anticipate his opponent's next move.
  • His perception of time is also altered, enabling him to perceive and react to events in slow motion, giving him a significant advantage in battle.
  • This heightened awareness allows Goku to identify and exploit even the smallest weaknesses in his opponent's defenses, making him a formidable and unpredictable combatant.

Regenerative Abilities

Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct not only enhances his offensive capabilities but also bestows him with remarkable regenerative abilities.

  • In his Ultra Instinct state, Goku's body can rapidly heal and recover from even the most severe injuries, making him a resilient and difficult-to-defeat opponent.
  • This regenerative factor allows Goku to continue fighting even after sustaining significant damage, further enhancing his endurance and overall survivability.
  • The combination of Goku's heightened senses, reflexes, and regenerative abilities makes him a near-invincible force on the battlefield, capable of withstanding and overcoming even the most formidable challenges.

Versatile Ki Manipulation

Goku's command over ki, the fundamental energy source of the Dragon Ball universe, is further amplified in his Ultra Instinct state.

  • In this transcendent form, Goku can unleash devastating energy blasts and Ki-enhanced physical attacks that can devastate even the most durable opponents.
  • His mastery of Ki manipulation also allows him to create powerful defensive barriers, deflect incoming attacks, and even manipulate the environment around him to his advantage.
  • Goku can also utilize his Ki to enhance his already superhuman speed and agility, making him an even more elusive and unpredictable foe.

Adaptability and Tactical Superiority

Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct grants him a level of adaptability and tactical prowess that few can match.

  • In this state, Goku's mind becomes hyper-focused, allowing him to analyze and respond to his opponent's strategies with lightning-fast precision.
  • His ability to rapidly process information and adapt his own tactics on the fly makes Goku a formidable strategist, capable of outmaneuvering even the most cunning of adversaries.
  • Goku's adaptability, combined with his raw power and mastery of Ultra Instinct, makes him an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield, as he can overcome even the most overwhelming odds.

Comparison of Goku Black Rose and Goku Ultra Instinct

The clash between Goku Black Rose and Goku Ultra Instinct is a battle of epic proportions, pitting two of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball universe against each other. While both possess extraordinary abilities, there are some key differences that could tip the scales in a hypothetical confrontation.

Physical Attributes

In terms of raw physical power, Goku Black Rose may have a slight edge over Goku Ultra Instinct. Goku Black Rose's fusion with the divine Kai powers has granted him immense strength and durability, allowing him to overpower even the mightiest of Goku's transformations.

However, Goku Ultra Instinct's mastery of the technique has elevated his physical prowess to a level that transcends conventional understanding. His superhuman speed and reflexes, combined with his regenerative abilities, could allow him to outmaneuver and outlast Goku Black Rose's raw power.

Ki Manipulation and Techniques

Both Goku Black Rose and Goku Ultra Instinct are masters of Ki manipulation, with the ability to unleash devastating energy attacks and utilize a variety of techniques. Goku Black Rose's possession of the Time Ring, however, gives him a unique advantage in terms of strategic planning and adaptability.

Goku Ultra Instinct, on the other hand, boasts a heightened awareness and instinctive reaction time that could allow him to anticipate and counter even the most complex of Goku Black Rose's techniques. The sheer destructive power of Goku Ultra Instinct's Ki-enhanced attacks could also give him an edge in a prolonged battle.

Transformation Advantages

Goku Black Rose's Super Saiyan Rosé transformation grants him a significant boost in power, speed, and Ki manipulation abilities. This form could allow him to overwhelm Goku Ultra Instinct with a flurry of devastating attacks.

However, Goku Ultra Instinct is not without its own trump card. The transcendent state of Ultra Instinct amplifies Goku's physical and mental capabilities to unprecedented levels, potentially allowing him to outmaneuver and outlast even Goku Black Rose's Rosé transformation.

Tactical Superiority

In terms of strategic and tactical prowess, Goku Ultra Instinct may hold a slight advantage over Goku Black Rose. The heightened awareness and adaptability granted by Ultra Instinct could enable Goku to anticipate and counter even the most complex of Goku Black Rose's plans.

Goku Black Rose's possession of the Time Ring, while a formidable asset, could also be a double-edged sword, as Goku Ultra Instinct's mastery of the technique could potentially allow him to adapt and overcome even the most twisted temporal manipulations.

Goku Black Rose vs. Goku Ultra Instinct: Who Would Win?

The outcome of a hypothetical battle between Goku Black Rose and Goku Ultra Instinct is a topic of much debate among Dragon Ball fans. Both possess incredible power and unique abilities, making the victor difficult to predict with certainty.

However, when considering the various factors and abilities of each combatant, it appears that Goku Ultra Instinct may have a slight edge over Goku Black Rose in a direct confrontation.

Goku Ultra Instinct's mastery of the transcendent technique grants him a level of physical prowess, reflexes, and adaptability that could potentially allow him to outmaneuver and outlast Goku Black Rose's raw power. The combination of Goku Ultra Instinct's heightened senses, regenerative abilities, and strategic acumen could prove to be the decisive factors in a prolonged battle.

That said, Goku Black Rose's possession of the Time Ring and his Super Saiyan Rosé transformation should not be underestimated. The ability to manipulate time and unleash devastating energy attacks could give him a significant advantage, especially in the early stages of the confrontation.

Ultimately, the outcome of such a battle would depend on the specific circumstances and the ability of each combatant to leverage their unique strengths and overcome their weaknesses. It is a clash of titans that would undoubtedly captivate and enthrall Dragon Ball fans worldwide, leaving a lasting impact on the franchise's rich and expansive lore.

Fictional Battle: Goku Black Rose vs. Goku Ultra Instinct

In a vast and desolate realm, where the very fabric of reality seemed to bend and warp, two titans of power clashed in an epic confrontation that would shake the very foundation of the universe.

Goku Black Rose, his aura a vibrant shade of pink, stood with an air of confidence and malice, his eyes burning with a twisted determination. Across the devastated landscape, Goku Ultra Instinct emerged, his body radiating a brilliant white light that illuminated the darkness.

The two warriors stared each other down, each sizing up their opponent, their immense power palpable in the air. Goku Black Rose, wielding the power of a Kai and the body of a Saiyan, unleashed a volley of devastating energy blasts, their raw destructive force carving massive craters into the ground.

But Goku Ultra Instinct, his reflexes honed to perfection, effortlessly evaded each attack, his body moving with a grace and fluidity that defied the laws of physics. Countering with a series of lightning-fast strikes, Goku Ultra Instinct began to slowly overwhelm Goku Black Rose, his blows landing with a thunderous impact that shook the very air around them.

Realizing the tide was turning, Goku Black Rose activated his Time Ring, distorting the flow of time and creating a series of alternate timelines, each one a new battlefield for the two combatants to traverse. Goku Ultra Instinct, undaunted, adapted to the ever-changing landscape, his heightened senses allowing him to anticipate and counter even the most complex of Goku Black Rose's temporal manipulations.

As the battle raged on, the very fabric of reality seemed to tremble under the sheer force of their clash. Goku Black Rose, his Rosé transformation fueling his power, unleashed a devastating energy wave, a torrent of destructive ki that threatened to engulf Goku Ultra Instinct.

But Goku Ultra Instinct, his body reacting with the speed of thought, raised his hand and effortlessly deflected the attack, the shockwave shattering the surrounding landscape. In a final, decisive move, Goku Ultra Instinct unleashed a barrage of Ki-enhanced strikes, each one landing with pinpoint precision, until Goku Black Rose's defenses were shattered.

As the dust settled, Goku Black Rose lay defeated, his power exhausted and his body battered. Goku Ultra Instinct stood victorious, his mastery of the transcendent technique proving to be the deciding factor in the clash of these two titans.

The reverberations of their battle would be felt throughout the universe, a testament to the incredible power and determination of these two extraordinary warriors.


Goku Black Rose and Goku Ultra Instinct's battle is a complex clash of titans in the Dragon Ball universe. Both have unique strengths, but Goku Ultra Instinct may have a slight edge due to his mastery of the technique and tactical prowess.

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