Leviathan vs Cthulhu who would win? Size comparison

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In the realm of colossal mythical beings, two titans stand out as formidable adversaries: Leviathan vs Cthulhu. Legends and tales have painted vivid pictures of these ancient creatures, instilling both awe and trepidation in the hearts of mortals. This article delves into the depths of their abilities and strengths, pitting Leviathan and Cthulhu against each other in an epic battle, analyzing who would ultimately emerge as the victor.

Introduction to Leviathan and Cthulhu

Leviathan vs Cthulhu

Leviathan a biblical devil from the book of Job, is described as a colossal sea serpent or dragon of immense proportions. Its formidable presence is accompanied by terrifying scales, piercing eyes, and an insatiable appetite. Cthulhu, on the other hand, is an enigmatic cosmic deity crafted from the imagination of H. P. Lovecraft. It is portrayed as a colossal octopus-like entity with a humanoid form, possessing immense power that transcends human comprehension.

Leviathan's Abilities and Strengths

Leviathan's vast size and strength are its most notable attributes. Standing at over 300 feet tall, it towers over any opponent. Its impenetrable scales provide it with an unyielding defense, making it virtually invulnerable to conventional attacks. These scales are also said to be imbued with magical properties, giving Leviathan an added layer of protection.

Size and Strength

According to biblical accounts, Leviathan is described as "the king over all the children of pride" (Job 41:34). This statement alone speaks volumes about its immense strength and power. In addition to its towering height, Leviathan is said to possess incredible physical strength, capable of crushing ships and destroying entire cities with ease.

Control Over the Seas

As a creature of the sea, Leviathan has complete control over the waters. It can summon monstrous storms and create towering waves at will, making it a formidable opponent for any seafaring vessel. Its ability to manipulate the seas also gives it an advantage in battles taking place near or on water.

Fiery Breath

One of Leviathan's most fearsome abilities is its fiery breath. It can spew flames that can incinerate anything in its path, leaving nothing but ashes behind. This makes it a deadly adversary, especially against opponents who are not immune to fire.

Cthulhu's Abilities and Strengths

Cthulhu's powers and abilities are shrouded in mystery, as it is a fictional creation with no definitive source material. However, based on Lovecraft's writings and other depictions, we can get a glimpse of its immense power and capabilities.

Cosmic Power

As a cosmic deity, Cthulhu possesses unimaginable power that transcends human understanding. Its mere presence is said to cause madness and insanity in those who encounter it. It is also believed to have control over time and space, making it a formidable opponent for any creature.


Cthulhu is known for its ability to change its form at will. It can take on various shapes and sizes, depending on the situation. This makes it a versatile and unpredictable adversary, as it can adapt to any battle scenario.


Another one of Cthulhu's abilities is telepathy. It can communicate with its followers and control their minds, making them do its bidding. This gives it an advantage in battles, as it can manipulate its opponents' thoughts and actions.

Comparison of Leviathan and Cthulhu

Now that we have explored the abilities and strengths of both Leviathan and Cthulhu, let's compare them side by side to see who would have the upper hand in a battle.

Criteria Leviathan Cthulhu
Size Over 300 feet tall Varies, but can reach up to hundreds of feet
Strength Immense physical strength Cosmic power that transcends human understanding
Defense Impenetrable scales Unknown, but believed to have a strong defense
Control over elements Can control the seas and summon storms Has control over time and space
Offensive abilities Fiery breath Shape-shifting and telepathy

Based on this comparison, it is clear that both Leviathan and Cthulhu possess formidable abilities and strengths. However, their powers are quite different, making it difficult to determine who would emerge victorious in a battle.

Leviathan VS Cthulhu: Who Would Win?

To truly understand who would win in a battle between Leviathan and Cthulhu, we must first consider the context of the battle. Where would it take place? What are the conditions? Are there any external factors at play? These are all important questions to consider when pitting these two creatures against each other.

Fictional Story Battle of Leviathan VS Cthulhu

To illustrate a possible outcome of this epic battle, let's imagine a fictional scenario where Leviathan and Cthulhu come face to face in an epic showdown.

The battle takes place on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. The island is surrounded by treacherous waters, with towering waves crashing against its shores. Both Leviathan and Cthulhu have been summoned to this location by their respective followers, who seek to prove the superiority of their deity.

As they approach each other, the ground trembles beneath their colossal feet. Leviathan lets out a deafening roar, while Cthulhu responds with a menacing hiss. The two creatures circle each other, sizing up their opponent.

Leviathan makes the first move, summoning a massive storm that engulfs the island. Cthulhu responds by manipulating time and space, causing the storm to dissipate. It then unleashes a barrage of telepathic attacks on Leviathan, trying to control its mind. However, Leviathan's impenetrable scales protect it from this assault.

Enraged, Leviathan unleashes its fiery breath, engulfing Cthulhu in flames. But to everyone's surprise, Cthulhu emerges unscathed, thanks to its shape-shifting abilities. It then retaliates with a powerful blow, sending Leviathan crashing into the ocean.

As they continue their battle in the water, Leviathan uses its control over the seas to create a massive tidal wave that crashes down on Cthulhu. But Cthulhu's cosmic power allows it to withstand the force of the wave, and it quickly counters with a telepathic attack that causes Leviathan to lose control of its own mind.

The battle rages on for hours, with neither creature gaining the upper hand. In the end, they both retreat to their respective realms, exhausted from the intense battle.


In conclusion, it is impossible to determine who would emerge victorious in a battle between Leviathan and Cthulhu. Both creatures possess immense power and abilities that make them formidable adversaries. It ultimately comes down to the context of the battle and the circumstances surrounding it.

One thing is for sure, though – a battle between these two mythical beings would be an epic and awe-inspiring spectacle to behold.

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