How tiger got Stripes - Kể chuyện trí khôn của ta đây bằng tiếng Anh

Nguyễn Minh Khánh
tháng 1 27, 2024
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 In the treasure of Vietnamese fairy tales, the story of my intelligence here is titled in English: How tiger got Stripes, explaining the characteristics of the tiger and buffalo. This story also helps children better understand the importance of intelligence. Now, let's read this story together!

How tiger got stripers

In the old days, the Tiger species still did not have stripes on its back. One day, a Tiger stepped out of the old forest. In the field, the Tiger met a small farmer and his Buffalo who were diligently plowing the field. The Buffalo walked slowly step by step. Occasionally, the farmer used a whip to make the buffalo plow faster. Despite being beaten, the Buffalo patiently continued plowing. This made the Tiger very curious. When it was noon, the man and the Buffalo took a break. So the Tiger approached the Buffalo and asked:

You are stronger and bigger than humans. Why do you let humans boss you around and beat you like that?

Although humans are smaller than me, they possess intelligence, sir!

The Tiger felt strange when he heard the words "intelligence" because he didn't know what intelligence was. Then, the Tiger asked again:

The Buffalo was confused and didn't know how to explain it to the Tiger, so he had to say:

Intelligence is just intelligence, I can't explain it clearly! If you want to understand it clearly, you should ask that human over there!

The Tiger immediately approached the farmer and asked slowly:

Where is your intelligence? Can you show it to me?

The farmer thought for a moment and then replied:

I lost my intelligence at home. Let me go home and get it for you. If you need it, I can share some with you.

So the tiger couldn't hide his joy and agreed.

The farmer stood up and started to pretend to go home. But after a few steps, he stopped and turned around, pretending to be worried and said to the Tiger:

But if I'm not here, will you take the opportunity to eat my Buffalo?

Before the Tiger could answer, the farmer quickly suggested:

Here's the thing, to make me feel at ease, I'll tie you to this tree.

The Tiger agreed without any suspicion. The farmer immediately took a rope and tied the Tiger tightly to the tree, then piled up straw and set it on fire. While the fire was raging, the farmer whipped the Tiger and said:

You want to know what my intelligence is? My intelligence here!

The Tiger was burned by the fire so badly that its fur was charred, and it screamed and struggled in despair. The Buffalo couldn't help but laugh when he saw this. However, the buffalo's upper teeth hit a rock and broke. Since then, the buffalo no longer has upper teeth.

Finally, when the rope burned and broke, the Tiger struggled and ran deep into the forest and never dared to look back.

Since then, all Tigers have long black stripes like traces of fire burns, and the Buffalo has no front teeth.

That's the end of the story. I hope you children will learn English very well through Vietnamese fairy tales!.

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