The Legend of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh - Summary, Retelling the Story

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The legend of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh explains why Vietnam often experiences floods, the origin of one of Vietnam's four immortals, Son Tinh or Son Thanh Tan Vien. Now, let's follow this story together.


In ancient times, the eighteenth emperor Hung Vuong had a beautiful princess named My Nuong. To find a husband for his daughter, he sent out messengers to spread the news far and wide. Two talented young men, Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh, came to ask for the princess's hand in marriage. Son Tinh was the lord of the mountains and forests, with the power to move mountains and fill seas.

The legend of Son Tinh anh Thuy Tinh

Thuy Tinh was the master of the sea, commanding the wind, storm and rain. Both were worthy of becoming the son-in-law, but emperor Hung Vuong did not know who to choose. Finally, he decided to marry the princess to the one who brought the betrothal gifts first the next day.

Son Tinh arrived first with all the gifts and married the princess. Thuy Tinh arrived late, so he was angry and caused storms and floods, calling on water monsters to attack Son Tinh to take back the princess. The battle lasted for months, Son Tinh used his magic to fight back, raising mountains to block the floods, Thuy Tinh had to retreat.

Since then, Thuy Tinh's hatred grew deeper, every year he still created storms and floods to attack Son Tinh but without success.

The Legend of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh

The eighteenth emperor Hung Vuong was an exceptionally beautiful princess, dearly loved by her father, named My Nuong. To find a suitable husband for her, emperor Hung Vuong sent messengers to search far and wide. One day, two handsome and talented young men arrived at the palace, seeking an audience with the emperor to win the hand of the beautiful My Nuong. 

The first young man came from the Ba Vi mountain region, possessing the ability to move mountains. When he pointed his finger to the east, lush green rice fields would appear, and when he pointed to the west, majestic mountain ranges would emerge. The people affectionately called him Son Tinh. The second young man, from the East Sea region, was equally talented as Son Tinh. When he commanded the wind to blow, it would rush in with great force. When he called for rain, the sky would pour. This young man was known as Thuy Tinh.

One was the lord of the towering mountains, the other was the master of the vast seas, both young men were strong candidates to become Hung Vuong's son-in-law. But Hung Vuong found himself in a difficult position, unable to decide who to choose and who to reject. Despite consulting with his officials, the emperor still could not make a decision. Finally, Hung Vuong made the following judgment:

Both are satisfactory to me, but I only have one princess. Whoever brings the betrothal gifts here first tomorrow will be allowed to take her as his wife. The betrothal gifts must include one hundred trays of sticky rice, two hundred Chung cakes, elephants with nine pairs of tusks, chickens with nine spurs, and horses with nine pink hairs.

As dawn broke, Son Tinh swiftly brought all the betrothal gifts and took the princess to the mountainous region as his wife. Thuy Tinh arrived later and could not take the princess. In a fit of rage, Thuy Tinh led his army in pursuit, determined to reclaim My Nuong. Thuy Tinh uses magic to summon storms and sea monsters.

So, terrible storms appeared, causing the whole world to shake, sea levels rose, causing floods everywhere to attack Son Tinh. But Son Tinh still maintained its spirit, applying magic to raise each level. hills, moving mountain ranges, stopping the fierce flood. No matter how high the water rises, Son Tinh will raise the land that much. The war lasted for many months, in the end Thuy Tinh was exhausted and had to withdraw his troops. From then on, Thuy Tinh's hatred became even deeper. Every year, around July and August, he created storms and raised flood waters to attack Son Tinh but never won.

The meaning of Story

The story of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh has many important meanings: The story describes the relationship between humans and the forces of nature such as mountains, forests, and seas through the figures of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh. The story explains the phenomenon of tides and floods in nature, the belief of the ancient Vietnamese in the harmonious combination of humans and nature.

This is also how the story shows the extraordinary power and interaction with nature of the two main characters. The story reminds people to be compassionate, not to pursue hatred or aggression. It is a source of inspiration for the younger generation to learn and work creatively. In short, the story of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh carries many important meanings in terms of history, culture, and humanity. 

So, together we have explored the legend of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh with many exciting and fascinating details. Please continue to support us by reading other stories, thank you!.

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