Scp 001 the record vs Scp 3812 Who would win? Who is stronger?

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The realm of anomalous entities known as SCPs within the SCP Foundation database harbors two formidable adversaries: SCP-001 The Record vs SCP-3812, the entity that taunts and torments with its enigmatic whispers. In this theoretical analysis, we aim to delve into the strengths, weaknesses, and potential outcomes of a hypothetical battle between these enigmatic SCPs.

Introduction to Scp 001 the record and Scp 3812

Before we dive into the details of this epic clash, let us first introduce the contenders. SCP-001, simply referred to as The Record, is an entity that manifests itself as an ever-changing scribbling on various surfaces, ranging from paper to walls to even the mindscape of individuals. Its scrawls possess the astonishing ability to alter reality, bringing to life whatever it transcribes, and unmaking it with the same ease.

Scp 001 the record vs Scp 3812 Who would win

On the other hand, SCP-3812 is an entity that appears as a humanoid figure with no discernible features, except for a mouth that constantly whispers inaudibly. It has the power to manipulate and control the minds of those around it, causing them to experience vivid hallucinations and delusions.

Scp 001 the record's abilities and strengths

Reality Alteration

SCP-001's primary ability is to manipulate and alter reality through its written words. Anything it transcribes becomes reality, whether it be a physical object, a conceptual idea, or even an alteration to the fundamental laws of nature. This ability gives SCP-001 immense power and control over its surroundings, making it a formidable opponent in any battle.

Immutable Ink

The ink used by SCP-001 is immutable and indestructible. Once it has been written, it cannot be erased, altered, or destroyed by any known means. This makes SCP-01's creations permanent and unchangeable, giving it an advantage in a battle against an opponent who relies on illusions or mind control.


SCP-001 has also been observed to have the ability to shapeshift into different forms, allowing it to adapt to any situation or environment. This makes it difficult for its opponents to anticipate its next move, giving SCP-01 an element of surprise in battle.

Scp 3812's abilities and strengths

Mind Control

SCP-3812's main ability is its power to manipulate and control the minds of those around it. It can induce vivid hallucinations and delusions, making its victims believe in false realities and causing them to act according to its will. This ability gives SCP-3812 a strong hold over its opponents, making it a formidable adversary.


SCP-3812 has also been observed to possess telepathic abilities, allowing it to communicate with others through their thoughts. This makes it difficult for its opponents to strategize or plan against it, as SCP-3812 can intercept their thoughts and use them to its advantage.


One of SCP-3812's most impressive abilities is its ability to regenerate from any injury or damage. This makes it almost invincible in battle, as it can quickly heal itself and continue fighting. This ability also makes it difficult for its opponents to defeat it, as they would have to inflict significant and continuous damage to take it down.

Comparison of Scp 01 the record and Scp 3812

Criteria Scp 001 the record Scp 3812
Reality Alteration Can alter reality through written words Can manipulate and control the minds of others
Strength Has the power to create and destroy Has the ability to manipulate and control others
Weakness Vulnerable to mind control Vulnerable to physical attacks
Adaptability Can shapeshift into different forms Can regenerate from any injury
Intelligence Unknown Highly intelligent and strategic

From this comparison, it is clear that both SCP-01 and SCP-3812 possess unique and powerful abilities. While SCP-01 has the advantage of reality alteration, SCP-3812's mind control and regeneration abilities make it a formidable opponent.

Scp 01 the record VS Scp 3812: Who would win?

Now, let us imagine a hypothetical battle between these two SCPs. The outcome of this battle would largely depend on the environment and circumstances in which they are fighting. If SCP-01 is able to transcribe its words before being affected by SCP-3812's mind control, it could potentially create a reality where SCP-3812 does not exist or is under its control. On the other hand, if SCP-3812 is able to manipulate SCP-01's thoughts and actions, it could potentially use SCP-01's powers against itself.

However, if we consider their weaknesses, SCP-01 may have an advantage as it can shapeshift and adapt to SCP-3812's mind control tactics. On the other hand, SCP-3812's regeneration ability may give it an upper hand in a prolonged battle.

Who is stronger, Scp 01 the record or Scp 3812?

It is difficult to determine who is stronger between SCP-01 and SCP-3812, as their abilities and strengths are quite different. However, it can be argued that SCP-01's reality-altering powers give it a slight edge over SCP-3812's mind control abilities. In a one-on-one battle, SCP-01 may have a higher chance of emerging victorious.

Fictional story battle of Scp 01 the record VS Scp 3812

To further explore this hypothetical battle, let us imagine a fictional scenario where SCP-01 and SCP-3812 come face to face in an abandoned city. As they stand across from each other, SCP-01 begins to scribble on the walls, creating towering structures and weapons to defend itself. However, SCP-3812's whispers start to fill SCP-01's mind, causing it to lose focus and control over its creations.

As SCP-01 struggles to regain control, SCP-3812 takes advantage of the situation and creates illusions of its own, making SCP-01 believe that it has been defeated. But just as SCP-3812 is about to deliver the final blow, SCP-001 shapeshifts into a form that is immune to mind control and strikes back with full force. The two entities engage in a fierce battle, each using their unique abilities to gain the upper hand.

In the end, it is difficult to determine who emerges victorious as both SCP-001 and SCP-3812 have sustained significant damage. However, it can be argued that SCP-001's adaptability and resilience give it a slight edge over SCP-3812's mind control tactics.


In conclusion, the battle between SCP-001 and SCP-3812 would be a close and intense one, with both entities possessing formidable abilities and strengths. While SCP-01's reality alteration gives it an advantage, SCP-3812's mind control and regeneration abilities cannot be underestimated. Ultimately, the outcome of this battle would depend on the circumstances and environment in which they are fighting. Who do you think would emerge victorious in this epic clash of cosmic titans? Let us know in the comments below.

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