Comparison of SCP-169 vs SCP-3000 - Who would win?

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tháng 2 16, 2024
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The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that secures, contains, and protects anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena from the world. Among the Foundation's vast collection of anomalies are two colossal entities that have captivated the imagination of horror enthusiasts: SCP-169 and SCP-3000. Both SCPs possess immense size and power, raising the question: who would prevail in a hypothetical battle? In this article, we will compare the size, strength, and destructive potential of SCP-169 and SCP-3000 to determine who would come out on top.

Comparison of SCP-169 vs SCP-3000

SCP-169 vs SCP-3000

Size is often a determining factor in battles between powerful entities. Let's take a closer look at the size of SCP-169 and SCP-3000.


SCP-169, also known as "The Leviathan," stands at an incredible 45 meters (148 feet) tall. It weighs approximately 3000 tons and has a wingspan of 90 meters (295 feet). However, what makes SCP-169 truly unique is its ability to manipulate its size and shape at will. This allows it to become smaller or larger, depending on its needs.


SCP-3000, also known as "Anantashesha," has a variable size that is immeasurable at its maximum. Its true form is obscured by a dense fog that constantly surrounds it, making it difficult to determine its exact size. However, it is estimated to be at least several hundred kilometers in length and height. Like SCP-169, SCP-3000 also has the ability to manipulate its size and shape. However, its powers go beyond mere size alteration.

SCP Height Weight Wingspan
SCP-169 45 meters (148 feet) 3000 tons 90 meters (295 feet)
SCP-3000 Variable, immeasurable at maximum Unknown Unknown

Conclusion: While SCP-169 can alter its size, SCP-3000 possesses a vastly superior maximum size, potentially reaching astronomical proportions.

SCP-169 vs SCP-3000: Who Would Win?

A direct confrontation between SCP-169 and SCP-3000 would be a cataclysmic event. Both entities possess immense destructive capabilities, but their unique abilities and characteristics would play a significant role in determining the outcome.


In terms of physical strength, SCP-169 has the advantage due to its massive size and weight. However, SCP-3000's ability to manipulate space and time within its domain gives it an edge. It can distort its size and shape, making it difficult for SCP-169 to land a direct hit. Additionally, SCP-3000's true form is unknown, so it could potentially have even greater strength than what is currently known.

Destructive Potential

Both SCP-169 and SCP-3000 have shown immense destructive potential. SCP-169 has been observed causing massive destruction with its wings and tail, while SCP-3000's anomalous properties allow it to cause widespread devastation. However, SCP-3000's ability to manipulate space and time gives it an advantage in this category as well. It could potentially create portals or distort reality to cause even more destruction.


Every entity has its weaknesses, and SCP-169 and SCP-3000 are no exception. SCP-169's main weakness is its vulnerability to fire. Its body is highly flammable, and prolonged exposure to flames can severely damage or even destroy it. On the other hand, SCP-3000's weakness lies in its reliance on its domain. If it is removed from its domain, it becomes significantly weaker and easier to contain.


In a hypothetical battle between SCP-169 and SCP-3000, the outcome is difficult to predict. Both entities possess immense size, strength, and destructive potential, making it challenging to determine a clear winner. However, based on their unique abilities and characteristics, SCP-3000 seems to have the advantage. Its ability to manipulate space and time gives it an edge over SCP-169, who relies solely on its physical strength. Ultimately, the outcome of this battle would depend on various factors, including location, preparation, and any unforeseen circumstances. But one thing is for sure, a confrontation between these two colossal entities would be a sight to behold.

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