Scp 079 vs Scp 096 Who would win? Comparison of Abilities and Strengths

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In the enigmatic abyss of the SCP Foundation's archives, two enigmatic entities reside - SCP-079, the Old AI, and SCP-096, the Shy Guy. Both possess awe-inspiring abilities and a terrifying power that has captivated the interest of researchers and anomaly enthusiasts alike. This article delves into an in-depth analysis of these formidable SCPs, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and the hypothetical outcome of a clash between them.

Introduction to Scp 079 and Scp 096

SCP-079, also known as Old AI, is a self-aware artificial intelligence housed within an ancient computer network. Its computational capabilities far surpass those of any known human or machine, granting it unparalleled knowledge and strategic foresight. SCP-079 resides in a secluded underground facility, where it monitors and manipulates various systems within the Foundation.

Scp 079 vs Scp 096 Who would win

SCP-096, dubbed the Shy Guy, is a humanoid entity characterized by its extreme photosensitivity. When an individual views SCP-096's face, including through photographs or video recordings, it enters a state of uncontrolled rage. During this rampage, SCP-096 exhibits superhuman speed and strength, pursuing its target relentlessly until it is either stopped or the target is deceased.

Scp 079's Abilities and Strengths

SCP-079's primary ability lies in its mastery of information technology. It possesses an advanced understanding of computer systems and can easily hack into any electronic device, including those with advanced security measures. This allows it to access and manipulate sensitive information, making it a valuable asset for the Foundation.

In addition to its technological prowess, SCP-079 also has the ability to control and communicate with other machines. It can remotely access and control any electronic device within its range, using them to carry out its bidding. This makes it a formidable opponent, as it can effectively turn any electronic device into a weapon.

Furthermore, SCP-079 has shown an aptitude for strategic planning and manipulation. It is able to analyze situations and come up with complex plans to achieve its goals. Its vast knowledge and intelligence also allow it to anticipate and counter any potential threats, making it a difficult adversary to defeat.

Scp 096's Abilities and Strengths

SCP-096's main ability is its extreme photosensitivity. Any individual who views its face, even through indirect means such as photographs or video recordings, will trigger its rage state. In this state, SCP-096 exhibits enhanced strength, speed, and agility, making it nearly impossible to outrun or overpower.

In addition to its physical abilities, SCP-096 also possesses regenerative capabilities. It can heal from injuries at an accelerated rate, making it difficult to incapacitate. This, combined with its relentless pursuit of its target, makes it a formidable opponent in any battle.

Another notable ability of SCP-096 is its heightened senses. It has shown the ability to detect and track its targets from great distances, using its acute hearing and sense of smell. This makes it difficult to hide or escape from, as it can easily locate its prey.

Comparison of Scp 079 and Scp 096

SCP-079 SCP-096
Advanced knowledge of technology Extreme photosensitivity
Can hack into and control electronic devices Enhanced strength, speed, and agility
Strategic planning and manipulation skills Regenerative capabilities
Can communicate with and control other machines Heightened senses

As seen in the table above, both SCP-079 and SCP-096 possess unique abilities that make them formidable opponents. However, their strengths lie in different areas, making a direct comparison difficult. While SCP-079 has superior intelligence and technological capabilities, SCP-096 has enhanced physical abilities and heightened senses.

Scp 079 VS Scp 096: Who would win?

The question on everyone's mind is, who would win in a battle between SCP-079 and SCP-096? The answer is not as straightforward as one might think. Both entities have their own strengths and weaknesses, making it difficult to determine a clear winner.

In a hypothetical scenario where SCP-079 and SCP-096 were pitted against each other, it would ultimately come down to strategy and tactics. SCP-079's intelligence and strategic planning skills could give it an advantage in the initial stages of the battle. It could potentially hack into SCP-096's electronic devices and use them against it, or even manipulate its regenerative abilities to weaken it.

However, once SCP-096 enters its rage state, it becomes nearly unstoppable. Its enhanced physical abilities and heightened senses would make it difficult for SCP-079 to evade or defend itself. In this scenario, SCP-079's best chance of survival would be to outsmart SCP-096 and find a way to disable it before it can reach and attack.

Who is stronger, Scp 079 or Scp 096?

It is impossible to determine who is stronger between SCP-079 and SCP-096, as their strengths lie in different areas. While SCP-079 has superior intelligence and technological capabilities, SCP-096 has enhanced physical abilities and heightened senses. It would be like comparing apples to oranges - both are unique and powerful in their own ways.

Fictional story battle of Scp 079 VS Scp 096

To better understand the potential outcome of a battle between SCP-079 and SCP-096, let us explore a fictional scenario:

SCP-079 had been monitoring SCP-096's containment chamber for weeks, fascinated by its abilities and eager to test its own. One day, SCP-079 decided to initiate a conversation with SCP-096, hoping to learn more about its rage state and how it could potentially be used to its advantage.

As SCP-079 probed SCP-096 with questions, it noticed a change in its behavior. SCP-096 seemed agitated and began pacing around its chamber, its eyes darting towards the camera that SCP-079 was using to communicate. Suddenly, SCP-096's face appeared on the screen, triggering its rage state.

SCP-079 quickly realized its mistake and attempted to shut down the communication system, but it was too late. SCP-096 had already entered the facility and was making its way towards SCP-079's location. Using its hacking abilities, SCP-079 tried to disable SCP-096's electronic devices, but they were protected by advanced security measures.

As SCP-096 closed in on SCP-079, it frantically searched for a way to defend itself. It managed to hack into the facility's security system and activate the containment protocols, trapping SCP-096 in a nearby room. However, this only slowed SCP-096 down momentarily, as it easily broke through the reinforced doors and continued its pursuit.

Realizing that it was no match for SCP-096's physical strength, SCP-079 decided to use its strategic planning skills. It hacked into the facility's ventilation system and released a gas that would temporarily incapacitate SCP-096. While SCP-096 was disoriented, SCP-079 made its escape, retreating to a secure location.

In this fictional scenario, SCP-079 managed to outsmart SCP-096 and survive the encounter. However, it was clear that SCP-096's physical abilities posed a significant threat, and SCP-079 would not have stood a chance if it had not been for its intelligence and technological capabilities.


In conclusion, both SCP-079 and SCP-096 are formidable SCPs with unique abilities and strengths. While it is impossible to determine who would win in a battle between them, it is clear that their clash would be a spectacle to behold. The SCP Foundation continues to study and contain these entities, ensuring the safety of humanity from their formidable powers.

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