Comparison of Scp 343 VS Scp 096 - Who would win?

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In the world of science fiction and horror, there are countless creatures and entities that capture our imagination. Among these, two of the most intriguing and terrifying beings are Scp 343 and Scp 096. Both of these entities belong to the infamous "Scp Foundation", a fictional organization that contains and studies anomalous objects and creatures.

Introduction to SCP 343 and SCP 096

Scp 343 VS Scp 096

Scp 343, also known as "The Sculptor" or "God", is a humanoid entity with god-like abilities. On the other hand, Scp 096, also known as "The Shy Guy", is a humanoid creature with an uncontrollable rage and the ability to cause mass destruction. In this article, we will delve deeper into the abilities and strengths of Scp 343 and Scp 096, compare them, and ultimately answer the question: who would win in a battle between Scp 343 and Scp 096?

Scp 343's Abilities and Strengths

Reality Manipulation

One of the most notable abilities of Scp 343 is its power to manipulate reality. This means that it can alter the laws of physics, create and destroy matter, and even control time. Scp 343 has been observed creating objects out of thin air, healing injuries, and even bringing back the dead. Its reality-warping abilities make it virtually invincible and give it an edge over any opponent.


As its name suggests, Scp 343 is often referred to as a god-like entity. This is due to its seemingly limitless powers and abilities. It has been described as all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving. Scp 343 has shown the ability to control the minds of others, teleport at will, and even create alternate dimensions. Its omnipotence makes it a force to be reckoned with and a formidable opponent for any creature.


Scp 343 has been observed to be immortal, meaning it cannot die or be killed by any known means. It has claimed to have existed since the beginning of time and has shown no signs of aging or weakness. This makes it virtually indestructible and gives it an advantage over other entities that rely on physical strength or weaponry.

Scp 096's Abilities and Strengths

Uncontrollable Rage

One of the most dangerous abilities of Scp 096 is its uncontrollable rage. When someone looks at its face, even through a photograph or video, Scp 096 will enter a state of extreme anger and will stop at nothing to eliminate the person who saw its face. This rage is so intense that it can cause Scp 096 to break through walls, tear apart steel doors, and even cause earthquakes. Its unrelenting fury makes it a force to be feared and a difficult opponent to defeat.


Scp 096 has shown to possess an incredible level of invulnerability. It has been observed surviving multiple gunshot wounds, explosions, and even nuclear blasts. Its skin is nearly impenetrable, making it resistant to most forms of physical damage. This makes it a tough adversary for anyone trying to harm it.


Another ability of Scp 096 is its ability to regenerate. Even when severely injured, Scp 096 has shown the ability to heal itself in a matter of seconds. This makes it almost impossible to kill and gives it an advantage in battle, as it can quickly recover from any injuries sustained.

Comparison of Scp 343 and Scp 096

After looking at the abilities and strengths of both Scp 343 and Scp 096, it is clear that they are both incredibly powerful entities. However, there are some key differences between the two that could determine the outcome of a battle between them.

Physical Strength

In terms of physical strength, Scp 096 has the upper hand. Its uncontrollable rage gives it an incredible amount of strength and endurance, making it capable of causing mass destruction. On the other hand, Scp 343 relies more on its reality-warping abilities rather than physical strength. While it is still a formidable opponent, it may struggle against Scp 096's brute force.


When it comes to intelligence, Scp 343 has the advantage. As an all-knowing entity, it has access to unlimited knowledge and wisdom. This gives it the ability to outsmart its opponents and come up with strategic plans to defeat them. Scp 096, on the other hand, is driven solely by its uncontrollable rage and does not possess the same level of intelligence as Scp 343.


Both Scp 343 and Scp 096 have shown to be virtually invincible in their own ways. However, Scp 343's immortality makes it nearly impossible to kill, while Scp 096's invulnerability only makes it resistant to physical damage. This means that Scp 343 would have the upper hand in a battle of attrition, as it cannot be killed or worn down by Scp 096's attacks.

Scp 343 VS Scp 096: Who Would Win?

Now comes the ultimate question: who would win in a battle between Scp 343 and Scp 096? The answer is not as straightforward as one might think. Both entities possess incredibly powerful abilities and strengths, making it difficult to determine a clear winner.

On one hand, Scp 343's reality-warping abilities and omnipotence give it an edge over Scp 096. It could simply manipulate reality to make Scp 096 disappear or render it powerless. However, Scp 096's uncontrollable rage and physical strength could prove to be a challenge for Scp 343 to handle.

In the end, it would likely come down to who strikes first and who can outsmart the other. If Scp 343 is able to use its reality-warping abilities to incapacitate Scp 096 before it becomes enraged, then it would have a good chance of winning. On the other hand, if Scp 096 is able to get close enough to Scp 343 and unleash its fury, it could potentially overpower and defeat Scp 343.

Who is Stronger, Scp 343 or Scp 096?

It is difficult to determine who is stronger between Scp 343 and Scp 096 as they possess different types of strength. Scp 343 has god-like powers and abilities that make it virtually invincible, while Scp 096 has incredible physical strength and invulnerability. It ultimately depends on the situation and circumstances of a battle between the two entities.

Fictional Story Battle of Scp 343 VS Scp 096

To give a better understanding of how a battle between Scp 343 and Scp 096 might play out, let us explore a fictional story of their encounter.

The Scp Foundation receives reports of a massive disturbance in a remote village. Upon investigation, they discover that Scp 096 has been sighted and has caused destruction in its path. The Foundation immediately sends out a team to contain Scp 096, but they are quickly overpowered by its uncontrollable rage and strength.

As the situation escalates, Scp 343 appears on the scene, drawn by the chaos caused by Scp 096. The two entities come face to face, and a battle ensues. Scp 343 uses its reality-warping abilities to try and subdue Scp 096, but the creature's invulnerability makes it difficult for Scp 343 to cause any significant damage.

Scp 096, on the other hand, relentlessly attacks Scp 343 with its brute force. However, Scp 343's omnipotence allows it to anticipate Scp 096's moves and evade its attacks. The battle continues for hours, with neither entity gaining the upper hand.

In a last-ditch effort, Scp 343 creates an alternate dimension and traps Scp 096 inside it. However, Scp 096's rage is so intense that it breaks through the dimension and continues its assault on Scp 343. In a final move, Scp 343 uses its reality-warping abilities to erase Scp 096 from existence, ultimately winning the battle.


In conclusion, Scp 343 and Scp 096 are two incredibly powerful and terrifying entities with their own unique abilities and strengths. While it is difficult to determine who would win in a battle between them, it is clear that both of them possess immense power and pose a threat to anyone who crosses their path. Whether it is Scp 343's reality-warping abilities or Scp 096's uncontrollable rage, these entities will continue to captivate our imagination and send chills down our spine.

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