SCP 999 Description - The orange slime cute vs Scarlet King

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SCP 999 is one of the most famous SCPs in the SCP universe. It is described as a gelatinous or liquid-like creature capable of shape-shifting. Discover this gentle and uniquely extraordinary SCP in the following article.


SCP-999 is an orange slime cute creature discovered in a forest in ██████████ when it emerged from the bushes to approach SCP Foundation personnel.

SCP 999 Description

SCP-999 is described as docile, friendly, and affectionate towards humans. It has the ability to secrete an orange slime from its body, creating a calming effect and inducing feelings of happiness in those who come into contact with it.

SCP-999 can alter its shape to match the size and form of the human or animal it approaches. However, it is crucial to note that SCP-999 only interacts with entities that have good intentions and do not reject its touch.

SCP-999 is considered one of the less dangerous SCPs and is allowed to interact with SCP Foundation personnel. It is cared for and nurtured to ensure its well-being and the safety of those around it.

SCP-999 also has significant applications in treating various illnesses, particularly those related to stress, anxiety, and other psychological conditions. However, its use in experiments and research is closely monitored to avoid any adverse effects on humans.

SCP 999 is depicted as an extremely adorable and charming creature. It possesses a pale yellow coloration and is roughly the size of a small cat. Additionally, it has a wide, endearing smile and large, round eyes.

SCP 999 also has the ability to alter its appearance to blend in with its surroundings. It can change its color and shape to resemble any object, allowing it to move freely and avoid potential threats.

The Parents of SCP 999

However, not much information is known about SCP 999's father. The only known detail is that he discovered SCP 999 as a child and attempted to protect it from the SCP Foundation's pursuit. SCP 999 is believed to have a unique origin. Some believe that the creature is connected to SCP 231-7, one of the most dangerous SCPs in the SCP universe.

SCP 999 vs The Scarlet King

The Scarlet King is an ancient and terrifying entity within the SCP universe. Described as a dark god, it often takes the form of a massive serpent. The Scarlet King possesses the power to destroy entire universes and has been referenced in various SCP documents as a global catastrophe.

In a battle between SCP 999 and The Scarlet King, SCP 999 would have little chance of victory. The Scarlet King is an immensely powerful and fearsome entity capable of destroying entire universes. SCP 999's abilities are limited to inducing feelings of joy and happiness in humans. However, in certain scenarios, SCP 999 could potentially be used to mitigate The Scarlet King's powers, as SCP 999 has the ability to make those around it feel happy and joyful.

SCP 999 is one of the most beloved SCPs within the SCP community. It stands as a prime example of the diverse range of SCPs, representing hope and serenity within the SCP universe. We hope to see you again in future articles exploring other supernatural entities.

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