Who is SCP-231-7? The unfortunate girl and Procedure-110-Montauk

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 In the fictional SCP universe, there are numerous powerful entities. Among them, SCP-231-7 is one such special entity classified as Keter, meaning it requires strict containment to prevent unpredictable consequences. This article delves into the details of SCP-231-7, her traits, description, and the procedures implemented to control her.

Who is SCP-231-7?

SCP-231-7 is a young girl of unknown age, with average height and weight. She appears healthy and ordinary, except for several bruises and scratches on her body.


Uniquely, SCP-231-7 is one of seven girls abducted by "The Children of the Scarlet King," a mysterious and malevolent organization. She, along with the other six girls, were ultimately forced to bear the children of the Scarlet King before being rescued during a police raid.

However, SCP-231-7 could not return to a normal life like the other girls. She is subjected to an excruciating procedure called Procedure-110-Montauk every day, preventing her from giving birth to her child. This procedure is described as "completely unmentionable," known only to a select few high-ranking personnel within the Foundation. The effects of this procedure on SCP-231-7 are unclear, but it is said to cause her immense pain and extreme fear.

SCP-231-7 and Procedure-110-Montauk

Arguably, Procedure-110-Montauk is one of the factors that classifies SCP-231-7 as a Keter entity. The procedure is described as highly confidential, disclosed only to a handful of high-ranking SCP Foundation personnel. Currently, the exact nature of Procedure-110-Montauk remains unknown.

However, there are speculations regarding the procedure's effects on SCP-231-7. According to some sources, Procedure-110-Montauk might be related to preventing SCP-231-7's child from being born. The procedure is described as brutal and likely causes SCP-231-7 extreme pain.

Additionally, some speculate that Procedure-110-Montauk may be related to controlling the powers of SCP-231-7. It is possible that SCP-231-7's child is somehow connected to dangerous and anomalous phenomena, prompting the Foundation to implement Procedure-110-Montauk to ensure they are not born.

Nevertheless, the implementation of Procedure-110-Montauk on SCP-231-7 has taken a toll on her mental and physical well-being. As a result, the Foundation has been searching for alternative methods to control SCP-231-7's powers without resorting to the procedure.

SCP-231-7's Rescue

Fortunately, SCP-231-7 was rescued during a police raid. However, six of her companions were eventually taken into Foundation custody following Event-231-Alpha. SCP-231-7 was subsequently returned to her family, administered amnestics to erase her memories of being abducted and bearing the Scarlet King's child.

However, SCP-231-7's rescue was not complete. She remained affected by Procedure-110-Montauk and could not live a normal life like other girls.

SCP-999 - Child of SCP-231-7

After new information was discovered in Daevite writings, SCP-231-7 was allowed to give birth, resulting in the birth of SCP-999. SCP-999 is a harmless creature resembling a yellow slime with multiple tendrils. It smells like cotton candy and has the ability to make anyone who comes into contact with it feel happy and relaxed.

SCP-999 is believed to be the child of SCP-231-7 and the Scarlet King. However, it is unclear what the relationship between SCP-231-7 and the Scarlet King was, and whether there was any love between them.

Is SCP-231-7 Still Alive?

Currently, it is unknown whether SCP-231-7 is still alive. After SCP-999 was born, she was allowed to give birth and was no longer subjected to Procedure-110-Montauk. However, she remains in Foundation custody at Site-19, and it is unclear if she will ever be allowed to leave.

Is SCP-231-7 Real?

SCP-231-7 is a fictional character created by the SCP Foundation community. However, her story draws inspiration from various religious legends and horror, including the tale of the Antichrist.

In conclusion, SCP-231-7 is a unique Keter-class entity subjected to Procedure-110-Montauk to control her powers. While SCP-231-7 was rescued, she continues to suffer from the effects of Procedure-110-Montauk. We hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of this extraordinary SCP, and we look forward to sharing more fascinating stories in future articles.

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