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 SCP-001 Scarlet King is one of the most dangerous and enigmatic entities within the SCP Foundation universe. With terrifying powers, the Scarlet King has committed countless atrocities that have struck fear into the hearts of many. In this article, we will delve into the origins, powers, and children of the Scarlet King.


Known by various names such as the Scarlet King, Blood King, King of Red, Shormaush Urdal, or Harak, the Scarlet King is an ancient deity in the SCP universe. He embodies the scales of absolute chaos, seeking to annihilate all creation.

Scarlet King

The Scarlet King is considered one of the "Gods of the Dark World" in the SCP universe. He is seen as the blood king, representing brutality, destruction, and malevolence in the world. Scarlet King possesses unrivaled power and supreme authority capable of destroying everything, including the Tree of Knowledge.

However, the Scarlet King is not just a "character" in the SCP universe. He is seen as a principle, something beyond the realms of animals or humans. An inexplicable force that cannot be explained by modern theories or science. This is why the Scarlet King has always been considered "unbeatable" in battles between supernatural entities.

The Enigma of the Scarlet King

SCP-001 Scarlet King is considered one of the SCPs with the most formidable powers. And under the name "Scarlet King," he is regarded as the "God" of the SCP Foundation. However, the truth about SCP-001's past and his role remain shrouded in mystery and controversy.

According to SCP Foundation documents, SCP-001 is described as an entity with varying forms and personalities at different times. However, regardless of its form and personality, SCP-001 possesses tremendous and utterly malevolent power. It can control surrounding humans and matter, manipulate time and space, and create highly dangerous supernatural phenomena.

Additionally, according to some SCP Foundation documents, SCP-001 is believed to be the "source" of other SCPs, including SCP-2317 - one of the most fearsome SCPs and also considered a "god" among SCPs. Therefore, SCP-001's role in the SCP universe is highly significant and enigmatic.

The Powers of the Scarlet King

According to documents and stories surrounding the Scarlet King, he is believed to be an ancient entity that has existed for eons. Some believe he has ties to prehistoric times and has left behind chilling legacies and reputations. Ancient tales depict a mysterious emperor with overwhelming power and brutality, referred to as the "Blood King." Many believe that the Scarlet King himself is this "Blood King."

In author Djoric's timeline, the Scarlet King, or Red King, is among the first ancient gods born from the Tree of Knowledge. The Red King was one of the weakest gods among the 7 ancient gods of the abyss. Despite this limitation, he was capable of devouring and absorbing all his brethren. Take note, these were ancient gods that were the foundations of creation, and the one called the Scarlet King was able to slay them all in his weakest form.

He slowly climbed the ladder of power and recruited other low-level gods to serve under him. There are countless universes and dimensions mentioned by author djoric, and the Red King is capable of subduing and killing all the gods there. With the title of one of the first 7 creatures of the abyss, he is powerful enough to harm the Tree of Knowledge.

According to the documents, he can create supernatural phenomena that defy explanation. This has led many to believe that the Scarlet King could be one of the Tier 0 of SCPs - entities that are immensely powerful and uncontrollable.

Furthermore, the Scarlet King has the ability to manipulate time and space. His quest to regain power has left many lands blighted and altered in inexplicable ways. His powers can influence the Earth and create massive disturbances in the universe.

The Thirst for Power

One of the notable characteristics of the Scarlet King is his autonomy and thirst for power. In the stories and documents, no one can control or force him to do anything he does not wish to do. And it is this very trait that has led to the Scarlet King's endless destruction and conquest.

According to some documents, SCP-001 has experimented and sought ways to dominate other gods and supernatural entities within the SCP universe. However, no god has been able to defeat or control him. Hence, the Scarlet King has spent his existence searching for and attracting those with equal or greater powers or his "Children."

The Scarlet King's wives and children.

The Scarlet King's "Sons" are described as having outstanding supernatural powers. They can be humans, monsters or other supernatural entities. They were created by the power of the Scarlet King and are tasked with assisting him. Scarlet King has a total of 7 daughters and several other children.

The Scarlet King has 7 children, created by his supernatural powers. Sanna was an ancient priestess who was seduced and impregnated by the Scarlet King. The six brides of the Scarlet King were created from Sanna's body and forced to be his brides. A'tivik was the first bride, and she bears the Crown of Dominance. A'ghor was the second bride, with the Crown of Desire. A'distat was the third bride, with the Crown of Ruin. Azieb was the fourth bride, and she has a giant, beast-like form.

The fifth bride's name is A'nuht, although her body is weak but her soul is strong. Her children were proficient in using magic and had great power, but were sealed away by the King to prevent them from rebelling against him.

The 6th bride's name is A'tellif, she speaks very little. Her children have the ability to change faces and hide their bodies, opening a Passage between realms for the war to spread further.

The 7th bride's name is A'habbat, smaller and weaker than the others. But she still teaches her children to be heroes who hope to destroy the Scarlet King.

The brides are sealed, their children are strong and have magical powers, but are prevented. The worlds are fighting against the evil god King and are at a standstill. The Sons still have many mysteries and controversies. Scarlet King not only creates them as products, but they also have their own strategies and thirst for power.

Despite his terrifying and violent nature, the narratives surrounding the Scarlet King also show that he has a significant influence on humans around him. Many individuals have been fascinated and drawn to the Scarlet King's power and mystery and have pursued his agenda.

One prominent example is Dantalion - one of the Scarlet King's "Children." Dantalion is depicted as a cruel and ruthless demon who seeks to dominate and control those around him. However, he also harbors an intense desire for the Scarlet King and especially for his attention.

Characters related to the Scarlet King

In the SCP universe, the Scarlet King is not the only dangerous and enigmatic entity. There are numerous other characters who are connected to him, creating a complex and terrifying web of narratives.

One of them is the Regulator - a spy organization tasked with tracking and stopping supernatural entities. However, according to some documents, they also have ties to the Scarlet King and can work with him to achieve their goals.

Another entity associated with the Scarlet King is the "O5 Council." They are the ones who decide and control the containment and management of SCPs. However, there is much debate about the O5 Council's role and relationship with the Scarlet King.

Horrors related to the Scarlet King

With his supernatural powers and enigmatic nature, the Scarlet King has created numerous horrors and haunting tales in the SCP universe. One of these is the narrative of SCP-2317, a being with immense destructive power and is considered the "Lord" of SCPs. Believed to be the Scarlet King's "Child," SCP-2317 has caused catastrophic and uncontrollable disasters.

In addition, there are many stories related to learning about the Scarlet King and his influence on the world. From battles between supernatural entities to great chaos and destruction, one can see the diversity and terror of the Scarlet King's power.

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In the SCP universe, the Scarlet King is regarded as one of the most dangerous and mysterious entities. With his ancient powers and ability to create inexplicable supernatural phenomena, he has become one of the most terrifying deities in the "SCP Universe." The narratives surrounding the Scarlet King further showcase the brutal and haunting nature of his powers, creating intriguing questions and debates within the community of science fiction enthusiasts.

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