SCP-173 Description - Creepypasta and compare with SCP-096

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 SCP-173 is an SCP object, an object of unknown origin in the custody of the SCP Foundation. It is a small, humanoid statue made of concrete and rebar. So, what is SCP-173? Does it exist?

Description of SCP-173

SCP-173 is one of the most dangerous SCP objects and is classified as "Euclid" (difficult to contain). It was first discovered in 1993 in an abandoned building in Washington, D.C., United States. At that time, a group of teenagers were exploring the building when they discovered the statue and were attacked by it. After being taken over by the SCP Foundation, SCP-173 was taken to Site-19 and contained in a locked room with the lights always on.


SCP-173 is described as a concrete and rebar statue approximately 1.8 meters tall. The statue is humanoid in shape. It is brown in color and is considered an extremely dangerous object. SCP-173 only moves when it is not being observed and will attack anyone who comes within its line of sight.

When SCP-173 has the ability to move extremely fast and break the victim's neck within seconds. Therefore, the SCP Foundation has put it in a locked room with the lights always on to avoid this situation.

SCP-173 is a very mysterious object of unknown origin. It could be a product of extraterrestrial technology, or it could be a supernatural being. Whatever it is, SCP-173 is a major threat to humanity and the SCP Foundation needs to continue to contain it safely. On the floor of SCP-173's cell is a red liquid believed to be feces and blood.

Is SCP-173 real?

The answer to this question is no. SCP-173 is a fictional object created by a group of people on the internet. However, SCP-173 is still a very scary object and has caused many nightmares for those who know about it.

SCP-173 has become a popular object on the internet and has been used in many scary games and creepypasta stories. Many people believe that SCP-173 may be a real object and has caused much controversy.

SCP-173 creepypasta

The creepypasta of SCP-173 was written by an internet user with the username "TheVolgun". The story is about a group of teenagers exploring an abandoned building in Washington, D.C., United States. At that time, they discovered a small concrete and rebar statue that looked like a person. The statue was placed in a dark corner of the building and they couldn't see it clearly.

The teenagers decided to move the statue to a better lit place to get a better look. However, as they were moving the statue, they accidentally looked away. Immediately, the statue moved very quickly and attacked them. The teenagers were strangled by the statue and died on the spot.

After the incident, the SCP Foundation came to investigate and they discovered that the statue was an SCP object. They took the statue to Site-19 and contained it in a locked room with the lights always on.

Comparison of SCP-173 and SCP-096

SCP-173 and SCP-096 are two of the most dangerous SCP objects. Both are capable of killing people very quickly and easily. However, there are some notable differences between SCP-173 and SCP-096.

SCP-173 can only move when it is not being observed, while SCP-096 can move at any time. SCP-173 is small and can be easily overlooked, while SCP-096 is very large and very noticeable. SCP-173 can only kill people by breaking their necks, while SCP-096 can kill people by tearing them apart.

Overall, SCP-096 is a more dangerous object than SCP-173. However, SCP-173 is also a very dangerous object and needs to be contained safely.

With its ability to kill quickly and easily, SCP-173 is one of the most dangerous SCP objects the SCP Foundation has ever contained. Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand this particular monster, and I'll see you in future articles.

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