SCP 999 vs SCP 049 who would win? Compare strength and abilities

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The SCP Foundation contains and studies anomalous entities. Two intriguing beings are SCP 999 vs SCP-049. These SCPs possess contrasting abilities, sparking speculation and debate among fans. We'll explore their extraordinary capabilities, confrontations, and the question of who would prevail in an encounter.

SCP-999: The Tickle Monster

SCP-999 is a highly unusual entity that has captured the hearts of many within the SCP community. This enigmatic being manifests as a quivering, gelatinous mass adorned with an array of colors and textures. Despite its seemingly amorphous appearance, SCP-999 has proven to be incredibly intelligent and possesses a unique set of abilities.

SCP 999 vs SCP 049

One of SCP-999's most notable abilities is its ability to induce euphoria and laughter through its gentle touch. It often seeks out humans for playful interactions, eliciting uncontrollable bursts of happiness and releasing stress. This has led to SCP-999 being affectionately referred to as "The Tickle Monster" by Foundation personnel. Its presence has also been shown to alleviate depression, anxiety, and even induce deep states of relaxation.

SCP-999's Strengths

Aside from its ability to bring joy and happiness to those around it, SCP-999 has displayed several other strengths. These include:

  • Extreme intelligence: Despite its playful demeanor, SCP-999 has shown remarkable intelligence and problem-solving skills.
  • Shapeshifting: SCP-999 has the ability to change its shape and size at will, allowing it to fit through small spaces and adapt to different situations.
  • Healing properties: SCP-999's touch has been shown to have healing properties, able to cure minor injuries and illnesses.

SCP-049: The Plague Doctor

In stark contrast to SCP-999, SCP-049 is a malevolent and deadly entity known as the Plague Doctor. This gaunt figure, clad in a long black coat and a porcelain mask resembling the attire of medieval plague doctors, wields the insidious Pestilence, a supernatural ability that transforms living beings into undead creatures under his control.

SCP-049's touch is deadly, carrying the curse of an incurable plague. Those who come into contact with it will eventually succumb to the effects of the Pestilence, becoming mindless zombies under SCP-049's command. This makes SCP-049 a formidable and dangerous adversary.

SCP-049's Strengths

Despite its sinister nature, SCP-049 possesses several strengths that make it a formidable opponent. These include:

  • Immunity to disease: As the carrier of the Pestilence, SCP-049 is immune to all forms of disease and illness.
  • Enhanced strength and agility: SCP-049 has displayed enhanced physical abilities, making it a formidable opponent in combat.
  • Manipulation of the undead: SCP-049 can control and manipulate the undead created by its Pestilence, using them as minions to do its bidding.

Comparison of SCP-999 and SCP-049

Now that we have explored the individual abilities and strengths of SCP-999 and SCP-049, let us compare them side by side.

SCP-999 SCP-049
Playful and affectionate Malevolent and deadly
Can induce euphoria and laughter Can cause incurable disease
Intelligent and problem-solving skills Enhanced physical abilities
Shapeshifting abilities Immune to disease
Healing properties Can control the undead

From this comparison, it is clear that SCP-999 and SCP-049 possess vastly different abilities and strengths. But the question remains: who would win in a hypothetical encounter between these two SCPs?

SCP-999 VS SCP-049: Who Would Win?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one might think. On one hand, SCP-999's ability to bring joy and happiness to those around it could potentially neutralize SCP-049's Pestilence, rendering it powerless. However, SCP-049's immunity to disease and enhanced physical abilities make it a formidable opponent.

To truly determine who would come out on top in a battle between SCP-999 and SCP-049, we must consider various factors such as the environment, the element of surprise, and the extent of each SCP's abilities. It is also worth noting that both SCPs have shown intelligence and the ability to strategize, making it difficult to predict the outcome of such an encounter.

Who is Stronger, SCP-999 or SCP-049?

This is a question that has sparked much debate among fans of the SCP universe. Some argue that SCP-999's ability to bring joy and happiness makes it stronger, while others believe that SCP-049's deadly touch gives it the upper hand. Ultimately, it is impossible to determine which SCP is stronger as their abilities are so vastly different and cannot be directly compared.

Fictional Story Battle of SCP-999 VS SCP-049

To satisfy our curiosity, let us imagine a fictional scenario where SCP-999 and SCP-049 come face to face in a battle for dominance. In this story, SCP-999 and SCP-049 are contained in separate containment chambers within the same facility. Due to a containment breach, the two SCPs find themselves in a hallway facing each other.

As SCP-999 approaches SCP-049, the Plague Doctor raises its hand to strike. But before it can make contact, SCP-999 wraps itself around SCP-049, tickling and giggling uncontrollably. SCP-049's attempts to break free from SCP-999's grasp are futile as it is overcome with euphoria and laughter.

Just when it seems like SCP-999 has the upper hand, SCP-049 uses its enhanced strength to break free and deliver a deadly touch to SCP-999. However, SCP-999's shapeshifting abilities allow it to avoid direct contact and continue to playfully evade SCP-049's attacks.

As the battle rages on, the facility's security team arrives and manages to contain both SCPs once again. It is impossible to determine a clear winner in this fictional scenario as both SCPs were able to showcase their strengths and abilities.


In conclusion, SCP-999 and SCP-049 are two enigmatic entities with contrasting abilities and strengths. While SCP-999 embodies playfulness and affection, SCP-049 represents morbidity and decay. It is impossible to determine which one is stronger or who would win in a hypothetical encounter between the two. Ultimately, it is up to individual interpretation and speculation. The only certainty is that both SCPs will continue to captivate and intrigue fans of the SCP universe for years to come.

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