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In Vietnamese history, Le Loi's name has become legendary but not everyone understands his life clearly. The path to liberate Dai Viet that Le Loi went through is a valuable lesson in courage and patience. Please join us in discovering the life and merits of King Le Thai To through the following article.

Summary of Le Loi's biography

Le Loi

Below, we will send readers a summary of Le Loi's biography according to the chronology:
  • In 1385, Le Loi was born in Lam Giang village (Lam Son), now Thanh Hoa, in a wealthy family.
  • In 1416, Le Loi held an oath festival with Lung Nhai and declared that he and the heroic heroes would fight the Ming army to save the country.
  • On January 2, 1418, Le Loi and other notables officially raised the flag of insurrection against the Ming army. The Lam Son uprising broke out.
  • From 1418 to 1423, the Lam Son army operated mainly in the mountainous areas of Thanh Hoa. Le Loi and the Lam Son insurgent army encountered many difficulties with food and were often defeated by the Ming army.
  • In 1424, Le Loi launched an attack on Nghe An and Thuan Hoa and won. After that, the insurgents moved to liberate Thanh Hoa.
  • In 1426, the Lam Son army owned the land from Thanh Hoa to Thuan Hoa. The Ming army had to cluster on defense.
  • In 1427, the Ming Dynasty sent 100,000 troops to attack our country but were defeated by the insurgents. The Ming dynasty made peace and he accepted. Le Loi provided food and ships for the defeated Ming soldiers to return home.
  • In 1428, Le Loi ascended the throne, took the reign name Thuan Thien, or King Le Thai To, established the Later Le dynasty and rebuilt the country.
  • In the following years, Le Loi rebuilt the country, building an examination system, laws, economy and schools. He led his troops to quell the rebels and defeat the Ai Lao army in the North.
  • On September 7, 1433, Le Loi died in Dong Kinh, Dai Viet (now Hanoi). After his death, Le Loi's son, Le Nguyen Long, ascended the throne, known as King Le Thai Tong.

Origin and family

Le Loi was born into a family with a tradition of military chiefs in the Lam Son region. His father was Le Khoang, his mother was Trinh Thi Ngoc Huong, the daughter of a Tran dynasty general. He also has two older brothers, Le Hoc and Le Tru. When he grew up, Le Loi followed his father's footsteps and became the lord of Lam Son farm, nicknamed Lam Son Dong Chu. In addition, Le Loi also has other sisters including: Princess Ngoc Vinh, Princess Ngoc Tien, Princess Ngoc Ta. When he was young, he was enthusiastically cared for by his older brother Le Hoc.

Le Loi's merits

Le Loi's name will forever echo in history. He led the Lam Son cloth army to the final victory in the war against the Ming Dynasty, bringing independence to the country.

After the victory, Le Loi took on the responsibility of building and rebuilding the country of Dai Viet. He established administrative regimes, economic reforms, and restored education and culture. From then on, Le Thai To created a solid foundation for the country's development. The king also carried out campaigns to defeat the chiefs on the northern border of Dai Viet and the Ai Lao army, creating a period of peace and prosperity for Dai Viet.

Le Loi has become a symbol of courage, patriotism and desire for independence. He left his children and grandchildren the lesson of determination and perseverance to build a better future.

Famous quotes

The enemy army is many, our army is small. But the enemy army is tired, our army is leisurely.

As a man, you should help in big troubles, make great merits, and be famous forever, so why should you accept being a servant?

Winning or losing depends on the general, not on how many troops there are.

Whenever you see my wife and children poor, your wives and children will be poor.

I don't have the intellectual talent and courage, I'm afraid I can't do the heavy work alone. Therefore, we must humbly pray for wisdom, devote our hearts to noble deeds and great plans to help the people. Anyone who can recommend someone who is braver than others or who can recommend himself will be considered a noble or noble.


If anyone sees that my order is inconvenient for military or state affairs, or is a pointless matter, or is a heavy tax, or is a matter of adultery and tyranny, then I will immediately correct it.

I raised my army to fight the enemy, not because I had a desire for wealth, but because I wanted thousands of years from now, people would know that I refused to be a servant to the cruel enemy.

When the Ming Dynasty army surrendered, someone advised the king to kill them. Emperor Le Thai To said:

Retaliation is normal for everyone, but not liking to kill is the nature of a virtuous person. Besides, if someone has already surrendered, but you kill him again, then there is nothing greater than a bad omen. If for the sake of letting out anger for a moment, it will be known to all generations as killing those who have already surrendered, then what better way to spare the lives of tens of thousands of people, to put an end to war for future generations? Life, isn't it great?

We has just sent readers a summary of Le Loi's biography, achievements and quotes. Hope this article is useful to you and see you in the next articles.

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